Concertos with Orchestra

W.A. Mozart – Concerto K. 191, Sinfonia Concertante

C. M. Weber – Concerto,  Ungarische Fantasie and Rondo

J.N. Hummel – Grand Concerto

Villa Lobos – Ciranda das Sete Notas

André Joilivet – Concerto

Eckhardt-Grammaté – Concerto for Bassoon

Françaix – Divertisment, Concerto

Glenn Buhr – Bassoon Concerto

Kalevi Aho – Concerto

Vivaldi- Concertos in C, A minor, F major, Bb major and E minor

Edward Elgar – Romance

Richard Strauss – Duetto Concertino for Clarinet and Bassoon

Mozetich – Concerto for Bassoon and Marimba


Solo works with or without Piano

In Fruendshaft – Karlheinz Stockhausen

Sonate Infernale – Yuri Kasparov

Sonate – Koechlin

Partita for Flute – J.S. Bach

Sonata – Prokofiev

Sonate – Saint-Saens

Sonata – Paul Hindemith

Sonata – Tansman

Jean Couthard – Lyric Sonata

Boutry – Interferences 1

Schwantner – Chronicon

Paganni – 24th Caprice

Skalkottas – Sonate Concertante


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